On Nuclear Reactions

With the openness of the web comes the massive security exploitation by bad state actors and affiliated “agencies” of those acting as government’s official heads. Often times, these agencies pose a threat to the security of citizens as data about citizens is collected and stored- which brings the very real danger of the data of citizens falling into the wrong hands all because it was stored without the consent or permission of those citizens. In the United States, an occupying force with 50 appropriated states and 16 official colonial territories which occupies 3,796,742 sq mi of land stolen from native inhabitants, laws are contradictory on this topic and federal state agencies have used this contradiction to create a secret court system which claims jurisdiction. These FISA courts, which have been used by both Obama and Trump, are secret courts similar to those of Nazi Germany’s Sondergericht, and are recognized as a symbol of tyranny by the people. These courts are outside of the jurisdiction of the constitution because they are, in-fact, unconstitutional.

Nuclear division is the ordinal succession of consequences of nuclear radiation, with unknown and still measured reactions. This is part of a 24,000 year sequence which will begin to begin to end in the year 24,1942 (with a still unknown duration as nuclear reactions still occur).

XKeyscore (XKEYSCORE or XKS) is a secret computer system used by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) for searching and analyzing global Internet data, which it collects continually. The NSA has shared XKeyscore with other intelligence agencies, including the Australian Signals Directorate, Canada’s Communications Security Establishment, New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau, Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, Japan’s Defense Intelligence Headquarters, and Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst.

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